During the pandemic we are worshiping together at 10.30am, St James' Benwell.

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We have social distancing measures in place. We will also livestream the service every Sunday morning here >

St James' is also open for private prayer every Wednesday 10am - 1pm.

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Covid guidance in church - updated July 2021

No doubt you will have heard that covid restrictions are being relaxed. As case rates are still high in our area you won't see too much change just yet! But we do have plans to reintroduce activities.


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Most importantly - please get your vaccine if you haven't yet! And stay at home if you develop covid symptoms.




Festivals and special occasions

We always have a full range of services for festivals, holy days and other occasions – Christmas, Easter, Remembrance etc. and throughout the year all our four churches worship together for other occasions. We will advertise these nearer the time, so watch this space.

Other services

We are gradually building back our full range of services after the pandemic. This will include evening services, traditional language, contemporary worship music, services in different languages, children's worship, and more. We will advertise these once they restart.

What are services like?

You are welcome whether you know what you believe or not, or are just curious. If you need assistance or have any questions feel free to ask us on the day or contact us anytime.

Do not worry if you are unfamiliar with the church; you can watch, listen, and join in as you feel comfortable. Usually we meet for Holy Communion, or mass/eucharist/Lord’s Supper- whatever you know it as, the belief that God meets us in ordinary reality is the heart of our community life.

When I arrive

Don't worry about coming in, if the door is closed it's just because it's cold outside! You will be asked to sanitise your hands. Service sheets are placed on every seat. You can also ask the welcomer if you have any questions about the service.

Taking Communion 

Communion will be brought to you by the priest who will wear a face mask. You don't have to take communion, if you would prefer a blessing just keep your hands together and head bowed.

Just let someone know before the service if you need gluten-free bread. 


Children and households

Children are very welcome to join us, and are valued as much as any adult member of our congregation. The children's corner is now open again, and children are welcome to use the books, toys, and craft supplies! 

We often have activities specifically for children and we will let you know at the time.


We are always grateful for donations, but you are welcome in our churches without any pressure or expectation to give.

At the moment there will be no collection during the service, we are asking people to set up a standing order or give digitally if you can, or there will be a bowl at the back of church to give something physically.

Live stream video

We are live streaming our services online each week for those who cannot join us in person. Occasionally the congregation is visible in the background, if you would prefer not to appear on camera then just let us know and we can direct you to a seat where you won't be visible.

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The welcome team at services will be more than happy to assist you during your visit. If you would like to inform us in advance that you are interested in coming please click here. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

We are always trying to make our services as accessible as possible, if there are any other ways we can improve things then don't be afraid to let us know.


  • All our buildings are wheelchair accessible

  • Accessible toilets are available at St James', St Margaret's, and the Venerable Bede. 

  • We do have sound systems in our churches to help those with hearing impairments, but we apologise that these can be unreliable and we hope to improve this soon.

  • We will make an effort to ensure those who lip-read can follow along.​

Live Stream:

Sadly we currently don't have the capability to provide captions on our Live stream (though we hope to change this!) but you are most welcome to come in person to the 10:30am service at St James and we will be happy to accommodate you the best we can.